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Q. I have other psychiatric problems besides ADHD. Can I be treated at The Focal Clinic for problems other than ADHD?  

A.  Treatment at The Focal Clinic is not intended to take the place of psychiatric treatment for problems that extend beyond our specialty area of adults and adolescents with ADHD. Our testing and evaluation process is designed to identify physical and/or emotional problems that should take priority over the treatment of ADHD.  Having some other type of problem does not necessarily rule out treatment at The Focal Clinic, but we do confirm that any client facing more than ADHD alone has adequate treatment support in place for their other problems.  Making use of the appropriate level of support to address any type of problem is crucial to achieving a positive outcome.  We want each and every person courageous enough to face their problems to find the appropriate level of support they need to achieve success even if that means less work for us.

Q. What is telemedicine?

A. The American Medical Association defines telemedicine as “medical practice across distance via telecommunications and interactive video technology”.

Q. How does telemedicine work at The Focal Clinic?

A. Our existing clients visit The Focal Clinic website on their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone and click on the “Scheduling” tab at the top of the page.  The client then clicks on the telemedicine video link.    A prompt will appear for the client to enter his or her name and a password for existing clients.  This will take the client to our online waiting room where he or she will be joined by their provider for a video chat session.

Q. Will The Focal Clinic accept my medical insurance?

A. Our providers are contracted with the following insurance companies:  Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Choice, Aetna, Premera/ LifeWise, Cigna, and MODA.  The Focal Clinic is considered an out of network provider with Providence, TriWest, TriCare, MHN and UBH/ Optum.  If you are uncertain about coverage, we will be pleased to help by checking insurance benefits for you in order to determine your copay.

Q. If I am treated with medication, will insurance cover the cost of my medication?

A. Most health insurance companies require proof of a diagnosis before paying for prescription medication.  If this is required by your insurance and you consent for diagnostic information to be shared with them, we will gladly help to facilitate insurance covering the cost of any medication prescribed at The Focal Clinic.  If coverage for a particular medication is denied by your insurance, your provider may prescribe an alternate medication for you.

Q. What is unique about The Focal Clinic?

A. At the Focal Clinic, our mission is to serve a population of adults and adolescents with ADHD in a manner that is safe, effective and accessible. We hope our service will reduce the demand on primary care and other providers who are sometimes reluctant to treat the problem of ADHD due to time and resource constraints. Our non-judgmental and compassionate approach to this problem reduces the stigma for adults who struggle with a problem that until recently was viewed by the general public as a childhood issue.  Our practice is solely devoted to the collaborative management of ADHD and our skilled clinicians are dedicated to providing evidence-based treatments at the highest standard of care.  We offer non-conventional appointment times to help meet the needs of those with busy schedules.

Q. Will my insurance cover telemedicine sessions? 

A. Current laws in the state of Washington support the use of this telemedicine as equivalent in most cases to an “in person” treatment appointment.  We recommend that you still confirm eligibility and benefits through your insurance company.  The consumer is ultimately responsible for the services they access.

Q. If I wish to be treated via telemedicine, does that mean that I never have to visit the office in person?

A. We begin all client relationships at The Focal Clinic with a traditional “in person” assessment. The treatment plan for each client will vary according to the client’s individual needs.  It is our aim to meet the needs of our clients in a manner that offers convenience without compromising any quality, safety or legal standards of care.

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